Exploring Varied Career Paths Past Secondary School

Now that a few weeks have gone by since the release of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam results, I think most have come into terms with the outcome.

At the same time, many students have been wondering about what comes next. Fortunately, some have received guidance on which path to follow. However, others, like me back then, felt confused because everyone throwing thir suggestions, and it was hard to decide.

In the end, both types of students are about to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

It’s not fair to say that those with guidance were completely safe, as some ended up choosing courses not because they were interested, but simply because their “advicers” considered them “marketable” or will pay well.

The main courses often pushed are in medicine (such as becoming nurse or clinical officer) and teaching. I don’t want to criticize these fields, but they might not align with everyone’s interests.

It’s quite tough to work in a hospital, school, or any other job every day, solely to avoid job-hunting struggles after finishing studies.

It doesn’t mean you should only pursue what you like, but it’s essential to consider how your career can make a positive impact on the world.

The goal is always to earn a living, but in a way that aligns with our passions.

Here are a few suggested paths in craftsmanship:

  • Building: (Welding & metal fabrication, carpentry & woodworking, plumbing, masonry, etc.)
  • Fashion, Hairdressing, and Beauty: (Design, braiding, weaving, cosmetology, etc.)
  • Electric and Electronics: (Electric installation and maintenance, HVAC specialist, etc.)
  • Events and Food: (Decoration, baking, catering, etc.)

Listed above is just a few skills of the many skills , but with expertise in any of these, financial worries should be far from your mind—unless, of course, you choose to be idle.

Absolutely! YES!

Having an entrepreneurial mindset and providing service beyond just getting paid is what will make a difference. You can also consider moving to different towns or moving abroad where your skills are in demand.

Make sure you’re financially smart, investing profit or income to income genrating projects. It’s a powerful tool for achieving financial freedom

What’s truly remarkable is that every profession can potentially be replaced by AI, just like ChatGPT. However, the unique skills and and artistry of a craftsperson are virtually irreplaceable!





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